Seiichi Fujiwara Hanshi is originally from Yokote City.

He began practicing Karate at the age 17 years old when he entered Chiba Commercial College. Before that he was an athlete of track and field. Knowing that there was a Karate program at the University he joined thinking "learning grapple skills [Martial Arts] as he would like to become strong". With his companions who enter [the program] together as many as 80. The majority [of the program] were lost in the harsh practice. Three months later there were only 10 people left. But with practice being harsh, he improved. Fujiwara was fixated onhis interest in Karate. .

8th Dan Hanshi, All Japan Karate do Federation Gojukai

• Chief Instructor/ President- Gojuryu Karatedo Seiwakai International Association

• Overseas Director – All Japan Karate do Federation Gojukai (JKF Gojukai)

• Chairperson & Senior Member of the Overseas Committee - JKF Gojukai

• Executive Director of the JKF Gojukai

• Japan Karatedo Federation Gojukai: 8th Dan

• Seiwkai Gojuryu Karatedo; 8th Dan

• Former - National Champion Kata and Kumite

• Director and Coach of Akita Karatedo Federation Gojukai

• Coach - University Karate Program

At the time of his graduations from University, he joined the construction company at of Chiba Prefecture which his Karate Sempai had managed at the same time. 2 1/2 years he worked there, until Gojukai Honbu [headquarters] called on him for inauguration as the coach of the University Karate Program. At that time Fujiwara was ranked 3rd Dan. Around that time that Fujiwara's parents home [family] moved to Omagari City from Yokote City and began a Ryokan [Japanese style hotel] business. His parents said "we would like to have you help with the Ryokan", so he returned to Omagar City in the Fall of '73. Although helping at the hotel, Karate was not forgotten.

In October of the following year,he opened a Karatedo [Seiwakai] in Wakatake-cho and began coaching. Presently his Kohai [juniors / pupils] from that time have now grown up and expanded the dojo to 7 branches, including Akita-shi, Yokote-shi, Kamioka-cho and Nakasen-cho. Presently Fujiwara is exclusively in charge of the City wide High School Karate program which he coaches at the city gymnasium [Budokan] and at the Wakatake-cho Dojo. At the same time he focuses on coaching overseas.

Fujiwara attained 7th Dan in 1995, but even if one passes the examination, one must receive a nomination from headquarters [Honbu] in order to rise to 8th Dan. In Fujiwara's case, the 11 years he spent instructing overseas was highly appraised work by Honbu. One condition of attaining 8th Dan is that you must have been ranked 7th Dan for at least 7 years combined experience. Fujiwara passed with just one attempt. Honbu said that this broke a more than ten year record. Among the 15 applicants, Fujiwara was one of 2 people who passed the exam to become eligible. Until this time there have been only 2 people in their 50's who have made it to 8th Dan in Gojuryu Karatedo. Moreover, there have been only 20 people, including Fujiwara, in all of Japan to become 8th Dan. Last year, his 7th Dan ranking was acknowledged by the Japan Karatedo Federation.

Fujiwara's pupils and peers explain "an 8th Dan in Karatedo is like a God! as they prepared for Fujiwara's rank celebration party. On the evening of October 29th, Fujiwara had just come back from instructing in England, Slovakia and Australia. He travels overseas, many times a year to instruct, primarily in Europe, USA, South Africa and Australia.

He stated “I become uneasy if I don't put on my do-gi and move my body" . With his gentle smile and his soft way of speaking, he gave no hint of being the majestic one who is praised as a "God" of Karate. Fujiwara, instructing overseas "There are more than 7,500 Gojukai members overseas”

(Goju Ryu Karate Do begins and ends with respect)

Fujiwara says "the children in Japan say they would like to learn Karate" including Elementary School students, "so not to be defeated in a fight" and they join because they want to become strong. .