"Sempai Iain is a great teacher to work with! He has great ways of breaking down movements and working them into real life scenarios. The class is a very motivating group suitable for any level of skill.

In my short time being with National Goju Karate, I've learnt a lot and I'm eager to learn more!"


"First timer to karate and love every second of it! Great trainer who makes you feel very welcome and learn awesome skills." -Damien

"I have been a part of NGK Caringbah since it opened. It is a great dojo to learn to protect and respect yourself. The head instructor, Sempai Iain, is young and knowledgable who will give you the confidence to attend all classes and relate skills to real life situations!"


"Being a woman, I think it is important to learn self-defence techniques that will assist me if needed. Sempai Iain is very accommodating and compassionate towards his students and understands that everyone is different and is able to facilitate for individual needs.

I love that there are often different instructors coming in to train, it is so versatile and fun! You don't even realise how hard you're working out! It's great!"